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To do what you love for a living truly is a wonderful thing!

I'm a developer from Glasgow, UK.
I work in a great agency called Screenmedia where I get to work with lots of different technologies for a lot of different clients.
The great thing for me is that my day job is also a hobby which means I'm likely to learn new stuff at home that I can use in work and vice versa.

That's not to say I'm constantly sitting in front of code.
I recently took up cycling and am doing about 100 miles per week. I also took up hill walking, but have only done 1 hill because cycling has overtaken this!
Aside from that I sing in a rock covers band and am recording an album of original material and I'm a keen fly fisherman. I also have an old english sheepdog.
So when I say this is my hobby, it doesn't mean I always get time.

This site is pretty much a personal playground, a place where I can try out new cool technologies without worrying about breaking something.

As such, the site will probably change a lot.
I will also be adding a blog where I'll share the things I learn along the way, in the hope that they help someone else learn.

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